We make it our mission to understand your needs, goals and preferences before we make any recommendations. Here our financial advisors in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney CBD explain what you can expect from our financial planning process, step by step:


  • We help you work out your short and long term financial goals – this stage serves as a foundation for developing your plan

  • Next, one of our Certified financial planners take a good look at your financial position – your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and investment or tax strategies to consider your financial health

  • We then evaluate your individual situation and consider strategies and research

  • We will then discuss costs for the plan and get approval from you to proceed


  • We explain the strategies we have been developing and tailoring to your needs

  • Your bespoke financial plan will then be prepared, based on all of your requirements

  • Your tailored strategies will be presented to you and discussed in detail

  • Next, we will answer any queries you may have in regard to your financial strategies

  • Once you are ready to go ahead, your tailored financial plan will be put into action. Our financial planning team will then implement


  • Because your lifestyle and financial goals may change over time, we will meet with you to discuss and review your circumstances, this way we keep you on track to achieving your goals

  • Next, our financial planners in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney CBD provide an update on your financial position

  • We will then discuss any changes required, making appropriate recommendations