05 Feb 2019

The best financial planners in the Sutherland Shire explain why you should set financial goals

Whether you wish to get out of debt, retire at 50 or want to have an emergency fund at your disposal, whatever your priority is, it starts with setting a financial goal.

Below our mortgage brokers in the Sutherland Shire share why you should set your financial goals in place today:

  • Define your true goals: By setting a financial goal you will better define your goals, allowing you create a realistic plan to achieve these goals within a certain time period.
  • Track your progress: Track your progress so that you become more motivated to see your goal to the end. For example, if your financial goal is to get out of debt, watching your debt balance shrink each month can be a great motivator to remain disciplined.
  • Prioritise your money: Setting a financial goal will help you to put your priorities in order. As we can often be pulled in various financial directions, creating a specific financial goal forces you to goal forces you to prioritise near-term demands, with long-term desire.

Here at GJ Private Wealth, our certified financial planners in Sydney make it our mission to understand your needs, goals and preferences.

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